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We have put together a series of lesson plans, texts, and audio-visual material that teachers, researchers and students may find useful. These resources are expected to serve at least one of the following functions:

  • Raise awareness of the global status of English as an international lingua franca
  • Expose learners to a variety of uses and users of English from a vast variety of backgrounds
  • Challenge native-speakerism in ELT
  • Raise awareness of the fluidity and flexibility of the use of English in the world

You are welcome to share your own materials with our network. Please submit your document(s) with your name and a short description to the GE Resource Coordinator through our Contact page:

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EAIE Webinars: a game-changer for international educators

This site provides a list of webinars relating to internationalisation and higher education for academic and administrative staff.

EMI Courses for University lecturers by Oxford EMI

1 and 2-week intensive courses for academics with or without experience in teaching through EMI.

TAEC EMI Handbook

The handbook is developed by the TAEC project to raise awareness about the teaching approaches, language uses, and intercultural communication in English medium instruction (EMI) contexts at non-Anglophone universities. 

EMI teacher training materials (Stress and Chunking)

The teacher training materials on 'Lecturing style and strategies: focus on pronunciation' provided by British Council China.

ENRICH Continuous Professional Development Course

The ‘English as a Lingua Franca Practices for Inclusive Multilingual Classrooms (ENRICH)’ project puts high priority on the promotion of teacher competences which are necessary for responding to and building upon the diversity found in today’s multilingual classrooms across Europe.

EMI teacher training resources

We have a series of EMI teacher training resources.

Corrective Feedback used in EMI

An example of corrective feedback used in EMI classes

An interview with an EMI content teacher

As part of the network activities, we have conducted an interview with an EMI content teacher from a Psychology department at a university in Japan.

World Englishes in the ELT classroom database

A multimedial database for EFL teacher trainees and in-service teachers with practical material on varieties of English around the world

IDEA (International Dialects of English Archive)

Online database with over 1,500 recordings of users of English from all over the world.

How to teach English as a lingua franca (ELF) by Simpson Davies and Patsko (2013)

Useful and quick introduction to the teaching of English from an ELF perspective.
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