Presentation on Global Englishes with Japanese Junior High Schools

The presentation, Global Englishes with Japanese Junior High Schools was made by MSc TESOL students Hsuan-Lin Liu, Jingshu Chen, Qiaoyang Liu, Ruolan Luo and Benjamin Robertson in 2017 for their group presentation assessment of the course Global Englishes and Language Teaching organized by Dr. Nicola Galloway, at the University of Edinburgh.

The presentation analyses the English learning context in Japan. Based on the education policies, learners’ attitudes and teaching materials, English learners in Japan are mostly exposed to native English, especially American English. However, there is a tendency that students may change their attitudes to embrace multilingualism and multilingual competence throughout the years.

Proposals have been given to add some multilingual and multicultural elements in the English teaching industry in Japan, such as recruiting more teachers from other countries, providing teaching materials which can reflect various types of English used around the world and promoting teacher training for a modern communicative model.

The presentation concludes that learner’s needs analysis should be conducted through the learning process and learners in Japan should be equipped with strategic competence for cross-lingual and cross-cultural communication.


Material provided by Qiaoyang Liu

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