Prof. Jigang Cai

Jigang Cai
INSTITUTION : Fudan University

Jigang Cai is a full professor of the Foreign Languages and Literature Department, Fudan University, Shanghai, China. He is currently President of the China EAP Association and President of the Chinese Association for ESP. In addition, he works for the Shanghai government as Chair of the Shanghai Advisory Committee on EFL teaching at Tertiary Level. His research interests include contrastive linguistics to applied linguistics and ESP/EAP studies. He has been promoting the implementation of ESP and EAP at the tertiary level in Mainland China. He has accomplished three top national research grants (Grant No. 09BYY027, Grant No. 016BYY027F and Grant No. ZDIII125-57). His publications include more than 100 research articles published nationally and internationally and 10 books on the subjects of the above two fields.