Pramod K. Sah

ROLE : South Asia ECs Lead Coordinator
INSTITUTION : The University of British Columbia,

Pramod is a Ph.D. Candidate and Killam Scholar in the Department of Language and Literacy Education, The University of British Columbia, Canada. His research interests cover the policy, politics, and economics of English language education in low- and middle-income countries; medium of instruction policy; World Englishes; and critical pedagogy. His work is largely driven by the core values of social justice indexes, for example, class, gender, and ethnicity, in English-in-education policies and practices, often drawing on Pierre Bourdieu’s critical social theories. His Ph.D. research looks at the broader intersection of social class, political economy and English-medium instruction (EMI) policy in Nepal. He also has an interest in critical ethnography and critical discourse analysis as research methods in language policy research.