Nicola Galloway

ROLE : Project coordinator
INSTITUTION : University of Edinburgh

Nicola is a lecturer in Education (TESOL) at The University of Edinburgh, where she teaches a course on Global Englishes for Language Teaching. Her research has included looking at English learners’ attitudes towards English and ELT, global Englishes curriculum design and materials development, the incorporation of Global Englishes into English teacher education programmes, and more recently into computer game software for young learners. She is also involved in several projects related to English Medium Instruction (EMI) in higher education institutions in non-native English speaking contexts. More information and publication details can be found at the above address.

What I'm Working On

Nicola is currently involved in a follow up study with The British Council exploring EMI throughout South East Asia. Her first British Council sponsored project explored various aspects of the spread of EMI in East Asian higher education. Part of the study has been reported in a British Council report 1 and in Rose and Galloway ( 2019) Global Englishes for Language Teaching 2.

She is also currently collecting further data throughout China and Japan. Nicola is also currently working with the The University of Tokyo (Professional and Global Educators’ Community (PAGE)) to develop a MOOC on EMI training to support graduate students and early-career academics preparing to work in EMI contexts. The MOOC focuses on both EMI and Global Englishes. She is also organised in running faculty development workshops and collaborating on a textbook for both students and teachers in EMI contexts.

Nicola is also working with the University of Passo Fundo, Brazil to conduct a scoping exercise to explore EMI provision at the tertiary level in Brazil ( 14 universities in Rio Grande do Sul (RS)). Nicola is also working on with Dr Rachel Ruegg, University of Victoria Wellington on studies related to supporting students and staff in EMI contexts and materials development and with Dr Samantha Curle, University of Bath and Dr Ben Fenton-Smith, Griffith University, on a preoject investigating international students’ needs in EMI contents.

Nicola is currently involved in several projects related to GELT and teacher education.


1. Internationalisation, higher education and the growing demand for English: An investigation into the EMI movement in China and Japan

2. Global Englishes for Language Teaching