Nathan Dewitt

ROLE : Senior Consultant
INSTITUTION : Link Global Solution

Nathan Dewitt is a Senior Consultant at LINK GLOBAL SOLUTION (LGS). LGS works with many of Japan's largest companies and overseas-based multinational corporations (MNC) to help businesses maximize efficiency and productivity in the global workplace. Our service lineup includes intercultural communication workshops, business skills training, HR and organizational consulting services, hiring support and vision-sharing programs. There he leads bi-lingual (Japanese and English) intercultural skills and awareness seminars for global industry professionals, and supports Japanese corporate M&A projects through Corporate Cross-Cultural training. Nate finished his Masters in International Business Management (MMI) with the University of Phoenix (2006). He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Ohio University (1998). Moving to Japan in 1998 on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program put Nate in Gunma, where he taught English in secondary, elementary as well as cram schools. In 2001, he was recruited by the Prefectural Board of Education to support the classroom teamwork between non-Japanese teachers and their local Japanese counterparts. In 2003 he moved to Tokyo to join LGS (then INTEC Japan) and focus on (ESL) for new hires and intercultural (IC) training for expatriates being sent overseas and non-Japanese global talent. Since then, Nate has worked in various capacities for the organization: program coordinator, senior instructor, interpreter, mentor and coach. Now a Senior Consultant, Nate enjoys facilitating training programs, supporting sales as well as team development. For the past six years he has been involved in several Japanese lead multi-national acquisitions and their post-merger integration (PMI) programs. He has also been a part-time lecturer  (ESL) at Tokyo Science University for seven years and regularly invited to be a business lecturer at Waseda and Rikkyo universities. Nate’s unique experience and placement allow him to see how ESL education and ELF usage in business and post-secondary education have changed in the past 16 years.