Mustafa Akincioglu

ROLE : GE & EMI Turkey Assistant Coordinator
INSTITUTION : Oxford EMI Research Centre

Mustafa worked at University of Oxford, Department of Education in the capacity of a Researcher between 2014 and 2018, where he was also involved in the design and delivery of EMI courses offered by the Department. He continues his research on EMI as an Associate Researcher of Oxford EMI Research Centre, while his research interests include critical discourse analysis, learner autonomy and learner motivation within EAP Contexts, EAP Program and academic subject department collaboration development.

What I'm Working On

Currently I am working on two projects, first one targets to transform the linguistic landscape (both physical and digital) of EMI university contexts. This requires digitalisation of (determined) existing EMI related practices as well as introducing new approaches to re-interpreting the digital dimension of academic instruction.

The second project targets to provide perspectives over EMI from K12 lenses so that there could be a more comprehensive picture of EMI. This project is on the continuum of “EMI University Symposia: A Holistic Approach” with an evolved methodology based on “the lessons learnt” from the earlier project.