Kari Sahan

ROLE : Lead Webinar Coordinator
INSTITUTION : University of Oxford

Kari is a DPhil candidate in Applied Linguistics at the University of Oxford, Department of Education. She is also a course tutor for the MSc in Teaching English Language in University Settings (TELUS) and the MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching (ALLT). Prior to her DPhil, she was a Fulbright grantee with the English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) program in Turkey, where she worked as a university instructor for two years. She also worked as the ETA Program Advisor for the Turkish Fulbright Commission. Her DPhil research investigates the implementation of EMI in higher education in Turkey, exploring the relationship between language education policy and classroom language practices. She is interested in classroom interaction, codeswitching, and the use of L1 for facilitative purposes in EMI classrooms. She has presented her research at academic conferences in Turkey, Germany, and the UK.