Dr. Tzu-chia Chao (趙子嘉 )

ROLE : Taiwan EC Coordinator
INSTITUTION : Minghsin University of Science and Technology (MUST)

Tzu-Chia Chao is Professor of Applied Foreign Languages and the Director of Language Teaching Center at MingHsin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. She got her BA in National Tsing Hua University, MA in University of Arizona, and received her Ph.D. in education (TESOL) from Monash University, Australia. Her professional interests include intercultural communication, discourse analysis, culture teaching and teacher education. She has published several articles in international journals such as Language, Culture and Curriculum, The Journal of Asia TEFL, English Teaching & Learning, Asian EFL journal, Studies in International Cultures and Taiwan Journal of TESOL. Her recently published book is ‘Fostering Intercultural ELF Communicative Competence through Films: Language usage, Culture negotiation, and Identity construction’ (Tung Hua Publisher).