Dr Sho Shimoyamada

ROLE : Webinar coordinator
INSTITUTION : The University of Tokyo

Sho is a Project Researcher at The University of Tokyo, where he runs a university-wide internationalisation initiative Professional and Global Educators’ Community (PAGE). As PAGE’s core mission, Sho teaches English-Medium Instruction to postgraduate students, postdocs and early-career assistant professors. He has developed UTokyo English Academia, a Massive Open Online Course on academic English (https://utokyo-ea.com/). His current research interest includes blended learning, flipped classroom, development of rubrics and peer-assessment. His background is leisure studies, and his career transition stimulates him to consider the power and hegemonic status of the English language in academia.

What I'm Working On

I am currently collaborating with Dr Nicola Galloway, who is the coordinator of this global network, to develop a new massive open online course (MOOC) on EMI. The new MOOC, which will be added to our previously-developed MOOC UTokyo English Academia (https://utokyo-ea.com/), is tentatively entitled EA3: English Medium Instruction in Higher Education Settings (EA3). EA3 is comprised of 10 lectures that cover a wide range of topics such as definition of EMI, where it is conducted, why it is promoted, how it is conveyed and who is involved in this growing global phenomenon.

EA3 will be publicly available in summer 2019 and anyone can sign up for it. EA3 is a free educational resource that is designed for not only students, but also teachers. In other words, you can use EA3 as a teaching material to implement flipped classrooms. I myself am planning to use EA3 in that way because my current research interest lies in blended learning and development of rubrics for peer assessment in MOOCs.