Sunchon National University Global Englishes Poetry Week

March 16, 2020 - March 20, 2020

Global Englishes Poetry Week

March 16-20th, 2020

The Department of English Education at Sunchon National University

As part of the course, Methods & Practices in English Composition (course administrator:, students spent a week creating their own reflect poems on what English means to them in their modern lives.

The course is a mandatory module for all students within the Department of English Education (all pre-service English teachers), but it is also available as an elective course for those from other departments (who take the course to improve their English writing more generally). The course was made up of roughly half mandatory and half elective students.

In the second week of the course, the course administrator introduced the basic principles of Global Englishes. (A version of this lecture is available to view at The students were then given the assignment to write a poem expressing some of their feelings related to English.

There poems are uploaded here. The poems are uploaded anonymously, but students were additionally given the option to decline inclusion here:

Global Englishes Poetry Week