3rd International Conference on English Across the Curriculum (EAC) – Online

a) Roles of EAC/WAC/CLIL in learning and teaching of language in various disciplines
b) EAC/WAC/CLIL pedagogy and practices
c) EAC/WAC/CLIL programme design, collaboration, and assessment
d) Technology-enhanced discipline-related language learning
e) Impact and sustainability of EAC/WAC/CLILThe official Call for Proposals will be sent out soon, before the end of October.

*The conference will be held online with live and pre-recorded presentations.

The Call for Proposals will ask for the following for each submission

(i) an abstract (max 300 words);

(ii) a summary for the online program (max 50 words);

(iii) a title (max 15 words).

**Please contact the organising committee of the 3rd EAC Conference (eac.2021@polyu.edu.hk) for more information.

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