International online event in Brazil

The Graduate Program in Letters (Linguistics and Literature) and the Letters Undergraduate Course (Languages and Literature Studies) of the University of Passo Fundo announce the 8th National Seminar and the 2nd International Seminar on Language and Literature – Remote Conversations, accessible entirely online, to be held from 6th to 9th October 2020. The event aims to promote scientific research in the areas of linguistics and literary studies, focusing on discursive activities promoted in symbolic action networks and involved in the complex relations between language and the world, in this extreme moment of human life, when the distance places societies both under new conditions of existence, contact and communication and under the urgency of reassessing a series of human procedures.

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Brazilian Portuguese is the official language of the event, however, the symposiums will also accept proposals in English, Spanish  or French.

Call for abstracts is open. Guidelines on

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