English Medium: During and post-Covid-19

The current situation with Covid-19 will have an immediate and long term impact on the internationalisation of HE, a major driving force in the adoption of English Medium (EM).

This virtual session will explore some of the potential impacts at a micro level (classroom level) on students and content teachers using EM, and longer term impacts at a macro (country level) and meso (institutional level) for language policy, the spread of English Medium and the digitisation of learning.

Join this British Council live event for an interactive panel discussion, chaired by Roy Cross, and with contributions from:

  • Nicola Galloway, University of Edinburgh
  • Jenna Mittelmeier, University of Manchester
  • Heath Rose, University of Oxford
  • Kari Sahan, University of Oxford
  • Reka Jablonkai, University of Bath
  • Samantha Curle, University of Bath

This is a free session.

Follow here to register.

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