Introducing our Webinar Team

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On this EMI-webinar page, researchers and practitioners introduce their current research into English Medium Instruction in their own context by uploading recorded presentations or livestreaming actual seminars. The purpose of this webinar series is to promote knowledge exchange across the world. We try to lay the groundwork for future research collaboration and our ultimate goal is to co-conduct comaprative research, beyond the national boundaries, into the implementation of EMI in different countries. 


If you are interested in giving a webinar on your own research, please get in touch with Sho Shimoyamada at [].

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Kari Sahan                             
Lead Webinar Coordinator
Kari is a DPhil candidate in Applied Linguistics at the University of Oxford, Department of Education. She is also a course tutor for the MSc in Teaching English Language in University Settings (TELUS) and the MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching (ALLT). Prior to her DPhil, she was a Fulbright grantee with the English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) program in Turkey, where she worked as a university instructor for two years. She also worked as the ETA Program Advisor for the Turkish Fulbright Commission.
Her DPhil research investigates the implementation of EMI in higher education in Turkey, exploring the relationship between language education policy and classroom language practices. She is interested in classroom interaction, codeswitching, and the use of L1 for facilitative purposes in EMI classrooms. She has presented her research at academic conferences in Turkey, Germany, and the UK.
Dr Sho Shimoyamada
Webinar coordinator

Sho is a Project Researcher at The University of Tokyo, where he runs a university-wide internationalisation initiative Professional and Global Educators’ Community (PAGE). As PAGE’s core mission, Sho teaches English-Medium Instruction to postgraduate students, postdocs and early-career assistant professors. He has developed UTokyo English Academia, a Massive Open Online Course on academic English ( His current research interest includes blended learning, flipped classroom, development of rubrics and peer-assessment. His background is leisure studies, and his career transition stimulates him to consider the power and hegemonic status of the English language in academia.


















Dr. Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo

Webinar Coordinator


Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo obtained her Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University in 2016, and her PhD in 2019. She is currently a part-time lecturer of Faculty Development (FD) Program at Kansai University. Her research focuses on English-Medium Instruction (EMI) support at Japanese universities.

Natsuno Funada

Doctoral webinar coordinator

Natsuno is a DPhil candidate in Applied Linguistics at the University of Oxford. Prior to coming to Oxford, Natsuno taught Japanese and English in universities in the U.S. and Japan for four years. Her current research focuses on Japanese students’ attitudes toward English as a global language and questionnaire development. She presented her research in the U.S., the U.K. and Japan.