Applied Linguistics Lunchtime Seminar – The growing global phenomenon of English Medium of Instruction (EMI) in higher education: policy, perceptions, impact, and the role of ‘English’.

Where: Department of Education, University of Oxford, Seminar Room G/H

When: Tuesday 12 June 2018, 12:00-13:00pm

Speaker: Dr Nicola Galloway


Download the event flyer here



With the 1115% growth in English Medium Instruction (EMI) programs in Europe in 13 years (Wächter & Maiworm 2014), and rapid growth on a global level (Doiz et al. 2013), EMI has become a global phenomenon and a growing field of research. Provision, however, is out-pacing empirical research. Research and monitoring systems are needed to investigate the effectiveness of this approach, including the impact on students’ learning, staff experiences, and university reputation. In this talk, I will draw on data from a previous British Council sponsored project (Galloway et al. 2017) which explored this phenomenon in higher education in Japan and China. It responded to Dearden’s (2014, p. 2) call for a “research-driven approach which consults key stakeholders at a national and international level” by providing insights on staff and student perceptions. In addition to providing insights into the driving forces behind, attitudes towards, and approaches to EMI, this study raised ‘questions as to whether approaching EMI monolingually is the best way forward’ (ibid. p. 3). In this talk, I will further examine the role of ‘English’ and other languages in the EMI movement.